A downloadable game for Windows

90 Degrees is a Game controlled only with your left Mouse Button. With this you have to get through different Levels which are getting tougher as you proceed.

Time your clicks well, if you want to succeed.

(Im sorry for every grammar and spelling mistake I've made in this very short description)

Install instructions

Just download the .zip file and unzip it. After this you can start the Game by starting the "90-Degrees.exe". I hope you'll have fun!

If I release patches for the game you just have to put the files or folders included in the patch in your Game-folder and replace the old files.


90_Degrees.zip 77 MB
90_Degrees_patch-v0.8.1.zip 170 kB


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Does this build contain only World 1? Cause I get a 'completed' message when trying to run World 2 and an error when clicking World 3.

O, sorry, I did not saved the 2nd world correctly, I will fix this as soon as possible. World three is still empty, cause I hadn't the time to finish the game. The second world only has one Level at the moment. I want to make more levels for the game, but this might take a while. Thank you for telling me about this, otherwise I would not have noticed the problem with the 2nd World